syllabus (fans)

Jan 12 – Intro
        Henry Jenkins, Textual Poachers, conclusion
        Decherney on Star Trek Axanar
Jan 19 – The Active Audience
        Leo Braudy, “The Advent of the Fan”
        Theodor Adorno, “On the Fetish-Character of Music”
        Stuart Hall, “Encoding/Decoding”
        Bruce Sterling, The Hacker Crackdown, part 2
Jan 26 From the Avant-Garde to Subcultures to Fans
        Tristan Tzara, “Lecture on Dada?”
        Peter Wollen, “Two Avant-Gardes”
        Susan Sontag “Notes on Camp”
        Dick Hebdige, “The Function of a Subculture”
        Jenkins, Ito, boyd, Participatory Culture in a Networked World, ch 1
Feb 2 Intellectual Property
        Hunter and Lastowka , “Barbie™
Feb 9 – Cults and Communities
        Mark Schultz, “Fear, Norms, and Rock & Roll” (skim)
         Guest Speaker: Francesca Coppa
Feb 16 Characters and Celebrities
          Richard Dyer, “Judy Garland and Gay Men”
          Sara Gwenillian Jones, “The Sex Lives of Television Characters”
          Henry Jenkins, “Slash and the Fan Writing Community”
          Decherney on Sherlock Holmes and the Public Domain
Feb 23 Manga, Anime, Dojinshi, and Otaku Culture
        Susan Napier, From Impressionism to Anime, chs. 1, 6
        Salil Mehra, “Copyright and Comics in Japan”
       Paper and Project proposals Due

March 2 – Production Workshop

March 9 – spring break
March 16 – Creative Projects Due

March 23 – Fan Labor and The Hybrid Economy
       Lawrence Lessig, Remix, chs. 1 and 7
        Tim O’Reilly, “What is Web 2.0?”
        Decherney on AFI-Fox
John Fiske, “The Cultural Economy of Fandom”
Lewis Hyde, “The Bond” and “The Gift Community”

       Antorini and Muniz, “The Benefits and Challenges of Collaborating with User Communities”
           Bibliographies Due
March 30  – no class
April 6 – Presentations (Shawn, Claris, Caroline)
April 13 – Presentations (Kerry, Ana, Joe, Megan)
April 20 – Presentations (Jeremy, Katelyn, Josh, Ah-Keisha) and Final Papers Due