syllabus (FH)

Aug 28) Precinema

        FH, ch. 1


Sept 2) No class – Labor Day

Sept 4) Early Cinema

        Maxim Gorky, “Lumière Program at Nizhni-Novgorod” (1896)


Sept 9) The Rise of Narrative

        FH, ch. 2

        John Collier, “Cheap Amusements” (1908)


Sept 11) Clip Day

Sept 16) Hollywood

        FH, ch. 3, 7, 10


Sept 18) The French Avant-Garde

        FH, chs. 4

        Germaine Dulac, “The Avant-Garde Cinema” (1927)


Sept 23) Weimar Cinema

        FH, ch. 5

        Fritz Lang, “The Future of the Feature Film in Germany” (1926)

        view: The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari (1920) – available here


Sept 25) Soviet Cinema

        FH, ch. 6

        S.M. Eisenstein, “The Montage of Attractions” (excerpt) (1923)

        Dziga Vertov, “The Birth of Kino-Eye” (1924)

        view: Battleship Potemkin (1925) – available here


Sept 30) No Class – Rosh Hashanah

Oct 2) Guest Speaker – Elizabeth Weitzman

Oct 7) African-American Film in the Silent Era

        Robyn Wiegman, “Race, Ethnicity, and Film”


Oct 9) No class – Yom Kippur

Oct 14) Clip Day

Oct 16) Silent Comedy

        Donald Crafton, “Pie and Chase”

        Noël Carroll, “Notes on the Sight Gag”

        view: The Immigrant (Chaplin, 1917) – available here


FILM ANALYSIS DUE – hard copy to class and email

Oct 21) Sound

        FH, ch. 9

        Eisenstein, Pudovkin, Alexandrov, “A Statement on the Sound Film” (1928)

        view: King Kong (1933)


Oct 23) Clip Day

Oct 28) Library Workshop / Writing Workshop

Oct 30) Library Workshop / Writing Workshop

Nov 4) In-Class Midterm

Nov 6) Guest speakers: Alexandra Milchan and Scott Lambert

Nov 11) Censorship and Globalization

        “The Production Code” (1930)

        Richard Maltby, “Censorship and Self-Regulation”

        view: Scarface (1932)


Nov 13) Japanese Cinema

       Guest Speaker: Julia Alexseyeva 

        FH, ch. 11

       additional readings on Canvas


Nov 18) Ethnography and Documentary Film

        FH, ch. 14

        Robert Sherwood, “Robert Flaherty’s Nanook of the North

        view: Nanook of the North (1922)


Nov 20) Nazi Film and the Popular Front

        FH, chs. 12 & 13

        Siegfried Kracauer, introduction, From Caligari to Hitler (1947)

        view: Grand Illusion (1937)


Nov 25) World War II

        Thomas Doherty, “Government Work”


Dec 2) Animation and Walt Disney

        William Moritz, “Animation”


Dec 4) After 1945 & Exam Review

      BIBLIOGRAPHIES DUE – submit through canvas

Dec 18, 3-5pm) FINAL EXAM (room TBD)