syllabus (FH)

Aug 28) Precinema

        FH, ch. 1


Sept 2) No class – Labor Day

Sept 4) Early Cinema

        Maxim Gorky, “Lumière Program at Nizhni-Novgorod” (1896)


Sept 9) The Rise of Narrative

        FH, ch. 2

        John Collier, “Cheap Amusements” (1908)


Sept 11) Clip Day

Sept 16) Hollywood

        FH, ch. 3, 7, 10


Sept 18) The French Avant-Garde

        FH, chs. 4

        Germaine Dulac, “The Avant-Garde Cinema” (1927)


Sept 23) Weimar Cinema

        FH, ch. 5

        Fritz Lang, “The Future of the Feature Film in Germany” (1926)

        view: The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari (1920) – available here


Sept 25) Soviet Cinema

        FH, ch. 6

        S.M. Eisenstein, “The Montage of Attractions” (excerpt) (1923)

        Dziga Vertov, “The Birth of Kino-Eye” (1924)

        view: Battleship Potemkin (1925) – available here


Sept 30) No Class – Rosh Hashanah

Oct 2) Guest Speaker – Elizabeth Weitzman

Oct 7) African-American Film in the Silent Era

        Robyn Wiegman, “Race, Ethnicity, and Film”


Oct 9) No class – Yom Kippur

Oct 14) Clip Day

Oct 16) Silent Comedy

        Donald Crafton, “Pie and Chase”

        Noël Carroll, “Notes on the Sight Gag”

        view: The Immigrant (Chaplin, 1917) – available here


FILM ANALYSIS DUE – hard copy to class and email

Oct 21) Sound

        FH, ch. 9

        Eisenstein, Pudovkin, Alexandrov, “A Statement on the Sound Film” (1928)

        view: King Kong (1933)


Oct 23) Clip Day

Oct 28) Library Workshop / Writing Workshop

Oct 30) Library Workshop / Writing Workshop

Nov 4) In-Class Midterm

Nov 6) Censorship and Globalization

        “The Production Code” (1930)

        Richard Maltby, “Censorship and Self-Regulation”

        view: Scarface (1932)


Nov 11) Clip Day

Nov 18) Japanese Cinema

        FH, ch. 11

        J.L. Anderson, “Spoken Silents in the Japanese Cinema”


Nov 20) Ethnography and Documentary Film

        FH, ch. 14

        Robert Sherwood, “Robert Flaherty’s Nanook of the North

        view: Nanook of the North (1922)


Nov 25) Nazi Film and the Popular Front

        FH, chs. 12 & 13

        Siegfried Kracauer, introduction, From Caligari to Hitler (1947)

        view: Grand Illusion (1937)


Dec 2) World War II

        Thomas Doherty, “Government Work”


Dec 4) Animation and Walt Disney

        William Moritz, “Animation”


        BIBLIOGRAPHIES DUE – hard copy to class and email

Dec 9) After 1945 & Exam Review

TBD) FINAL EXAM (rm 401)