Aug 29) What is Copyright?

Aug 31) From Shakespeare to the Constitution

Thomas Jefferson letter to Isaac McPherson

Lewis Hyde, “What is a Commons?”

Lawrence Lessig, Free Culture, ch. 6

Sept 5) Fair Use

Cariou v Prince (2013)

video: YouTube Copyright School



Sept 7) From Vaudeville to Hollywood

Decherney, HCW, chs. 1-2

Bleistein v. Donaldson Lithographing (1903) [advertisements]

Sept 12) From the Piano to the Pianola

White-Smith Publishing v. Apollo (1908) [piano rolls]

Edward Samuels, from The Illustrated Story of Copyright

Sept 14) Home Video: From the VCR to Aereo

Decherney, HCW, ch. 4

James Grimmelmann, “Why Johnny Can’t Stream”

David Cameron, Silicon Roundabout Speech

Decherney on Aereo and the Home

Sept 19) Anticircumvention and the iPhone

Richard Stallman, “The Right to Read”

Jonathan Zittrain, intro, The Future of the Internet and How to Stop It

Decherney, HCW, 201-221.

Decherney, “Smart is the New Locked”

Sept 21) No Class – Rosh Hashanah

Sept 26) Notice/Take Down and YouTube

Fred von Lohmann, “Fair Use, Film, and the Advantages of Internet Distribution”

Decherney, HCW, 221-235.

Jeffrey Rosen on Google

Sept 28) Games and Virtual Worlds

Greg Lastowka, Virtual Justice, intro + ch 9

Oct 3) Fair Use Papers and Presentations

DUE by email: Fair Use Papers

Oct 5) Fall Break

Oct 10) Traveling

Oct 12) Fair Use Papers and Presentations

Oct 17) Penn Immersive Conference

Oct 19) Fair Use Papers and Presentations



Oct 24): Moral Rights

Decherney, HCW, ch. 3

Aalmuhammed v. Lee (2000)

Oct 26) Socialist Copyright and Indigenous Cultures

William Alford, from To Steal a Book is an Elegant Offense

Oct 31) Fans, Collectors, and Scholars

Henry Jenkins, “Quentin Tarantino’s Star Wars”

D.T. Max, “The Injustice Collector”

Decherney on Mein Kampf and ‘Happy Birthday’

Nov 2 & 7: Paper Conferences

Nov 9) Characters and Publicity

        Klinger v. Conan Doyle Estate (2013)

        MGM v. Honda (1995)       

        Honda “Escape” Commercial

Nov 14) Fashion, Tattoos, Comedy, Yoga, and Self-Regulating Communities

       Raustiala and Sprigman, “Knockoffs and Fashion VIctims”

                                               & “Can you Copyright a Tattoo?”

Nov 16) Open: Open Source, Open Access, Creative Commons, the Pirate Party, and Kopimism

              John Perry Barlow, “A Declaration of the Independence of Cyberspace”

              Yochi Benkler, from The Wealth of Networks, ch. 3

              Aram Sinnreich on Kopimism

             Chuck Klosterman, “Steal this E-Book”

              Decherney, HCW, conclusion

             On the Isle of Man’s Experiment


          DUE by email: BIBLIOGRAPHIES – email


Nov 21) no class

Nov 23) Thanksgiving Break

Nov 28) Papers and Projects

Nov 30) Papers and Projects

Dec 5) Papers and Projects

Dec 7) Papers and Projects & all DUE by email