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World Film History to 1945

Fall 2019

University of Pennsylvania


MW 2-3:20am, 419 Fisher-Bennett Hall

Double Count: Fulfills Arts & Letters and Cross-Culture Analysis General Education Requirement 

Prof. Peter Decherney – 211 Fisher-Bennett Hall

graders: Joseph Coppola, Devorah Fischler, J. Sebastián Figueroa

ASSIGNMENTS: Film analysis (20 points), annotated bibliography (20 points, midterm (20 points), and final (20 points), 60 second review (20 points). Attendance is mandatory; more than two unexcused absences will result in the reduction of your course grade. Follow the assignments link above to see detailed assignments. Exam questions will be drawn from class reading, lectures, and screenings.

EXTRA CREDIT: For 2 points of extra credit (make your B+ an A- or A- an A), you may write a one-page conference report on one Cinema and Media Studies event (see the calendar here).

INTERNET POLICY: Laptops, phones, tablets, and the internet may only be used in class for class-related activities (note taking, IMDB, etc.). Use of social media, texting, emailing, shopping, and playing games will be considered an absence from class that day. If you have an emergency and need to use your phone, please do it in the hallway.

REQUIRED TEXT (available from you favorite online bookstores): Kristin Thompson and David Bordwell, Film History: An Introduction, 3nd ed. (Boston: McGraw Hill, 2009) All other readings are can be found on canvas.