Weekly Responses
20 points. Due by email at noon on Wednsdays before class. 2-300 word responses to the reading.
Curate In-Class Microfest
Ungraded. Choose a fandom and present a few examples of fan work that give an overview of it. (20-30 mins).
Create a Fan Work
30 points. Due in-class March 16. It may be fanfic or a vid or machinima. But try your hand at creating a fan work. 1000 word story or 2-5 minute video are target lengths, though that will vary depending on your project.
Ungraded. Due by email March 23. Submit a biblopgraphy of 25 works on your proposed final project topic.
In-Class Presentation
Ungraded. On April 6, 13, or 20. A 15 minute presentation on your final project followed by 10 minutes of Q&A.
15-Page Research Paper Plus Blog Post
50 points. Due April 20. A 15-page research paper on an approved topic. In addition, you must submit a 500 word blog post that describes the project for a general reader.